The Rustic Difference

Service Learning and Community Engagement

Through our work, we are committed to decreasing our environmental footprint, stimulating local economies, providing direct support for communities, and teaching our students responsible travel practices. We spend time with our local partners and community members to understand their priorities. We then design service projects that address community needs and allow you and your students to make a positive impact, while engaging with local culture.

Commitment to Safety

Rustic Pathways takes the health and well-being of our students very seriously. While we believe in the transformative power of expanding one’s boundaries, we are heavily invested in managing the risks of doing so. Our comprehensive training programs, year-round presence in countries, rigorous safety standards, and continued commitment to evaluating risks ensure we exceed industry expectations.

Our Staff

Our exceptional staff are the backbone of our organization. Their incredibly diverse backgrounds provide us with profound connections to the destinations we visit and offer our students unforgettable experiences. Program leaders ensure that students have fun and empowering experiences while they travel, learn, and grow. 

The Rustic Network

A large part in why we can create such powerful programming is because of our breadth of services. Since we also provide experiences for high school students and school groups, we have created a network of students, program leaders, mentors, and partners around the world.