Rustic Internships 


Some of the most rewarding experiences abroad happen when we explore on our own terms. For students ready to bridge the gap between the classroom and life as a university student, we offer supported internship placements with our partner organizations in fascinating locations around the globe. Learn to live independently and fill a valued role in one of several placements, and get to work building skills essential to students and professionals. Our local staff on site and global team will provide training and support while giving you an opportunity to take care of yourself and take on essential work responsibilities.

Your internship will allow you to see from the inside how an organization such as a small business, school, or non-governmental organization operates. The skills you gain by living independently and fulfilling a necessary role will later serve to help you to be prepared and take initiative as you transition into higher education and your career path. You’ll learn what qualities you bring to the table as a team member and how

Peru, Thailand, Costa Rica, India, Morocco, Dominican Republic
10 Weeks, 3 Days
Cost: $9,995 USD plus Airfare
Season: Fall, Spring
Program Type: Internship
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Internship Phases

Phase 1. Goal Setting and Preparing for Life Abroad

Your Internship Semester begins in the USA with a group of global interns and program facilitators. During these first few days you’ll prepare for life abroad by participating in valuable sessions focused on cultural awareness, professionalism, travel safety, goal setting, and more.

Phase 2. On-Site Orientation

Upon arrival in your destination country, you’ll be met and escorted to your internship location by a member of our international team. The next few days will be spent getting to know your new home. Our on-site staff member will get you settled into your housing, help you acclimate to the local culture, show you where to access local services, and set up a schedule of regular in-person check ins.

Phase 3. The Internship

With a schedule, an on-site staff member, weekly check-ins, and numbers to call when you need additional support, it will be up to you to make the most of your internship and structure your free time. Rustic Pathways staff members will regularly check in with you and offer support in person, and via phone and email. For the next eight weeks, you’ll live life on your own terms, working hard to fulfill your responsibilities and achieve your personal goals. It won’t always be easy, but it’s likely to be among the most rewarding experiences of your life.

Phase 4. Reflection and Re-entry

At the end of your semester, you’ll return to the USA to reunite with the other Internship Semester students, share stories, and reflect on all you’ve learned. Our re-entry activities offer opportunities to evaluate and frame your experience. Successful completion of this program should provide you confidence and experience to draw on as you move into higher education and your career.

Internship Subjects and Locations

PERU: Access to Education
Partner organization: Sacred Valley Project  
Tutor students in English and run extracurricular activities as you support this non-profit in their mission to provide educational opportunities for rural Peruvian girls from indigenous communities.

THAILAND: Access to Education
Partner organization: Rustic Pathways Children’s Home  
Devote a semester to improving the quality of education for rural Thai children in the Mae Sariang region. Lead daily English language sessions to better prepare students for future employment.

COSTA RICA: Biodiversity Preservation 
Partner organization: CATIE 
Intern at a botanical garden in one of the most biodiverse countries in the world! Help persevere natural resources, practice your Spanish with your host family, and embrace living pura vida.

COSTA RICA: Community And Civic Engagement
Partner organization: CATIE  
Support this organization as they work to educate communities about best practices in sustainable agriculture and natural conservation. Improve your Spanish during homestay with a local family.

MOROCCO: English Language Support
Partner organization: Cadi Ayyad University Career Center  
Intern at a Moroccan university career center and help your global counterparts improve English fluency. Live supported in Marrakech and explore medinas and souks as you immerse in local culture.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Marine Life Conservation
Partner organization: FUNDEMAR  
Assist in invasive species prevention and reef re- building as you earn a SCUBA certification and immerse yourself in Caribbean culture. Contribute to efforts that encourage sustainable eco-tourism.

MOROCCO: Social Enterprise
Partner organization: Azaghar
Assist in the creation and branding of an online marketplace where rural artisans can earn fair prices for their craftsmanship. Promote responsible business practices as you explore Moroccan culture.

September 10November 21 Available

Internships will take place during the Spring and the Fall semesters.

Fall 2017: September 10 to November 21

Coming soon – Spring 2018: February 15 to April 24