Conservation and Culture in East Africa 


An ambitious expedition through Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda, this semester will forever enrich your understanding of a vast and varied continent. Immerse in village life, volunteer in rural schools, and spot Africa’s Big Five on safari. In addition, you’ll enjoy rare opportunities to spot primates in dense jungles and raft the headwaters of the Nile River. Each country you visit will bring new discoveries and new understanding of the continent’s current and historical issues, cultural richness, and biological treasures.

Share perspectives while working alongside local community members on service projects focused on education, infrastructure, and public health. Learn to speak Swahili and experience firsthand the fragile balance between humans and the natural world as you contribute to environmental and animal conservation efforts.

Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania
Starting Location: Arusha, Tanzania
Ending Location: Zanzibar Island, Tanzania
12 Weeks
Cost: $14,995 USD plus Airfare
Estimated Internal Airfare (Mandatory): $595
Season: Spring
Program Type: Service & Exploration
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February 8May 2 Available

We will offer one semester for this program.

Spring 2018: February 8 to May 2